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По умолчанию Re: NASCAR (in English)


POCONO - Week 14 of 36 - By: Mark Aumann

Who's Up - Biggest Gain this week: Kevin Harvick: 12th to 7th

Who's Down - Biggest Drop this week: Kyle Busch: 4th to 10th

Jimmie Johnson
With that crazy wig on, Jimmie either looked like the guy who used to hold up the "John 3:16" sign at sporting events or a refugee from the American Basketball Association.

Matt Kenseth
With a nod to Robert Hutchins, whenever Matt gets the urge to do something crazy or off the wall, he just lies down until the feeling passes.

Greg Biffle
Greg complained that his car was plowing through the corners on Sunday. That's great, if he ever wanted to pursue a career in agriculture.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Junior's not really too excited about being in Pocono for two additional days of testing. I guess he found out he got the room without the heart-shaped tub, again.

Denny Hamlin
Denny's not happy about losing the advantage he may have had on the old Pocono pavement. But what has him most angry this weekend? His favorite mini-golf place shut down.

Martin Truex Jr.
Stat of the week: In his 12 Pocono starts, Martin has finished on the lead lap 11 times -- and was one lap down in his debut.

Kevin Harvick
Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind
Pit here, don't pit here
Can't you read the sign?

Brad Keselowski
Brad's obsession with the numeral two is almost unhealthy. At Pocono, he orders the $2.22 breakfast special every morning at Van Gilder's Jubilee Restaurant.

Kasey Kahne
Kasey loves one go-kart track at Pocono in particular. It's got a challenging course and fast karts. Plus they think he's under 18, so he gets the teen discount.

Kyle Busch
In the continuing sibling rivalry to see which Busch brother can be the baddest, Kyle once again finds himself one suspension behind.

Clint Bowyer
If Clint thinks he's been a little snake-bitten at Pocono, imagine how teammate Mark Martin must feel. In 50 starts there, Mark's finished second six times but has never won.

Tony Stewart
Have it your way: Perhaps Tony saw that big Burger King logo and decided he'd like to try another Whopper for old time's sake.

Carl Edwards
Just to clarify: He got the nickname "Concrete Carl" because he races well on it, not because he crashes into it.
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